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The investment trusts described on this Website are for investment principally in domestic and foreign equities, public and corporate bonds and other securities which are subject to price fluctuations (investing in the foreign securities also involves currency exchange risks), and therefore the return of an investor's principal is not guaranteed. In addition, investment trust unit prices will fluctuate due to trading price variations in the relevant securities markets, currency exchange rates and similar factors. Consequently, investors may lose some or all of their initial investment.

Past investment performance is not indicative of future results. Final investment decision is entirely that of the investor. Risks, including those of a decline in the value of investment assets, are borne entirely by those who have purchased the investment trusts. Depending on the individual trust, there are variations in the types of assets eligible for investment, restrictions, markets, countries and others, and consequent variations in risks and characteristics. In considering investments, the potential investor must read the prospectuses and pre-contract documents without fail.

Investing in the financial products introduced on this Website may require the payment of commissions, trust fees, expenses and other costs applicable to individual products. For information on commissions, etc., and risks involved in the products listed on each page, please carefully read the relevant prospectuses and other documents intended for investors.

Amundi Japan Ltd. (" Amundi Japan") is an asset management company which does not engage in sales of investment trust. Enquiries about investment trusts should be addressed to the relevant sales companies (securities firms, registered financial institutions). When applying to purchase an investment trust from a sales company, you must obtain and read the relevant prospectus and pre-contract documents without fail. This Website has been prepared and furnished for the use of residents of Japan, not for residents outside Japan. The purpose of this Website is to provide information about Amundi Japan and its group companies, and general information related to investment trusts only and nothing herein constitutes an offer to buy or a solicitation to sell, nor does it contain investment advice, and Amundi Japan's products cannot be purchased from the site. Every effort has been made for the site's information, but Amundi Japan does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of its content. Furthermore, Amundi Japan accepts no responsibility for lags in transmission, errors or omissions due to malfunctions of communications facilities, system, computers, etc., whatever the causes thereof. Neither does Amundi Japan accept responsibility for any losses incurred by users who act on the information provided on this Website. Opinions and forecasts on this site reflect the judgments of Amundi Japan at the time they appear, and are subject to change without notice.

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